Warehouse & factory sweeping


Spotless Sweepers will provide trained operators with well maintained machines that are fitted with the best filter systems on the market to mininise dust. Our compact machines are large enough to get the job done fast, but small and maneuverable to work in most warehouses or factory floors. Commercial power sweeping has become a very important part for business owners to maintain a high perception of their business as well as protecting assets.


Regular sweeping will help stop the sand, dirt and debris from being carried into your premises either by vehicular traffic or foot traffic and assisting in the buildup of dirt inside impacting on the cleanliness of your offices, showrooms or work environment.


As OH & S laws are becoming more powerful and workplace safety more important, a professional sweeping service can remove dust and debris that would otherwise be considered unpleasant to inhale or can act as a slip/fall/trip hazard.


As any leader will tell you, you lead from the front. If you want your employees to ensure their workplace is clean and clutter free, they need to see that you are committed to the same, not just demanding they take care of it themselves. A clean workplace can assist in improving employee’s motivation and have a positive impact on productivity.


We operate 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We will develop a sweeping schedule that's fine tuned to fit your particular needs.